You have invested in a stand at an expo, you have blocked the day out in your calendar but have you thought about the best way to maximise return on your investment?  I don’t know about you, but have you ever noticed that certain stands seem to have all the visitors around their stand whist other stand holders have absolutely no footfall?  When conducting post event surveys one often receives mixed feedback.  Some stand holders have had the best day, walked away with 5 – 6 significant leads and congratulate you for fantastic footfall, whilst others may say that the footfall was quiet and ask for a new location next time as they clearly were situated in the wrong place.  Whilst stand location may have something to do with it, as may footfall, often times visitors have simply walked right past their stand as there was nothing to attract them to it, or make them want to stop and engage for 5 minutes.  Have you put yourself in the visitor’s shoes?  Think about walking into a room full of 60 stands, to the visitor it is a sea of banners and shell scheme or table top stands which all potentially look very similar, so what is going to make you stand out from the crowd? 


If you are wanting to engage with certain people, wouldn’t it be a good idea to actually let them know where you are going to be for a day?  Once your have booked on to an expo, be sure to shout about it!!!  Many exhibitors book their place and then show up on the day and can’t understand why they have not met the right people.  The event organisers will of course be marketing and promoting the event to a wide audience, but for an expo to be truly successful for YOU, let your potential customers know where you will be.  Let them know your stand number, if you have this in advance and give them a reason to come to your stand to meet you!  Perhaps it could be a competition or promotion (a free trial period;  buy one get one free) you are running on the day?  Check with the organisers whether they have a hashtag for the event and tweet about it using the hashtag or promote it on facebook or whichever social media platform works best for you.


Whilst not every business is sexy or fun, try and find ways to attract people to your stand.  Once visitors have walked through the door, you don’t want to loose them to everyone else’s stand except your own!  Think about what you can have on display or add to your stand, to catch the eye and make people want to wonder over to you.  It can often be very simple changes such as elevating your products & changing the look of the display by bringing in a colourful balloon, or it could be about something fun you are handing out!  One of the busiest stands at our expo is someone who makes chocolates which are indeed delicious but they are beautifully presented in different glassware and it literally draws people in.  Some people have fun gadgets which they hand out – everyone is a sucker for a gadget, but if that is what has attracted people, remember to engage with them once they are at your stand and have a reason for them to want to hear from you again which brings us to number 3!


Now that you have attracted people to your stand, how do you keep them there for at least 5 minutes!  Most exhibitors run some form of competition on expo day to encourage people to part with their business cards.  Often the prize will be a bottle of bubbly or a great bottle of red wine, or a hamper of sorts.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with these prizes, you may find that you are not attracting people that are particularly interested in your business, all they want is a crack at winning the bottle of wine or hamper!  Think about what you can offer that adds value.  Someone in marketing may offer a free consultation to look at your marketing needs, or someone running a local network, may offer a free month if you sign up for a three month period, whilst someone selling beauty products, may offer a free facial and samples of the products they use as a prize, this will encourage your real potential customers to part with their business cards!

On expo day remember to use social media and remind people you are there, facebook live is great for that, or the event will probably have it’s own hashtag, so be sure to engage on twitter!  Stay engaged, invite people to visit you and above all enjoy your day!

We are excited to be delivering the 4th Bierkeller Business Expo on the 22nd March 2018!