Have you ever thought about using an Event as a marketing tool?  Despite the fast paced world that we live in today and the overwhelming amount of technology we all have at our disposal, we still crave people contact and without a doubt, we  trust someone we have actually met face to face far quicker than an individual we may have been referred to or met online.

We all work to tight budgets and often putting on an event will be ruled out as too expensive or too much work, but have you thought about your marketing budget?   Are you generating enough leads through your existing marketing strategy?  Here are 5 benefits to using Events as part of your marketing tool kit!

  •  Retain Existing Customers / Attract New Customers

We organised an event last year where a bank wanted to thank their existing customers for the valued support and remind the public that they were still there!  They put on a networking style event and we provided them with a fabulous speaker and awesome catering.   To the potential new customers that were invited, it was an opportunity to enjoy themselves, meet new businesses in a relaxed environment and find out more about what the bank could do for them, without the pressure of a sales pitch!   The existing customers had a fabulous evening, loved the talk, enjoyed good food, felt valued and there is no doubt that a happy customer will gladly recommend your services, especially if they feel valued.

  • Thought Leadership

A fantastic way to convey your credentials as thought leaders  in a certain industry and to provide a platform to bring industry experts together is to host a conference!  This year we will be helping a client with an Awards Evening, Expo and Conference – the three events will bring together, industry experts as well as their target audience  and it will be an informative two days of delivering expertise & honouring and rewarding experts in the industry.

  • Lead Generation 

Use an event to reach a targeted audience.  For example, the owner of a beauty salon may want to put on a demonstration event showing off the latest techniques or products, or perhaps you are an expert at social media marketing?  Why not run a series of workshops or seminars informing your audience about the latest strategies they could / should be applying.  It is always important to tailor the event to your target audience and this will attract the demographic you are looking for!

  • Brand Exposure 

Use an event to reinforce or create your brand message!  A properly marketed event can attract lots of attention especially if it is charity related.  Corporate Golf Days which benefit a specific Charity are a fabulous way to expose your brand.  This year we will be hosting the Zokit Golf Day which benefits the amazing Autism Directory Charity – this day provides an opportunity for informal networking over a relaxed day out and the prefect platform to showcase our client’s brand as well as our own!

  • Create Great Content
 An event creates a ‘one stop shop’ to gather valuable data on one day!  Host a fabulous event and maximise all the added value aspects of it.  An event provides the platform to obtain amazing photos for your gallery;  video content for your website;  information through attendee surveys;  customer reviews and more.  Nowadays with many platforms available, you can live stream your event to a huge online audience too!   One of our in-house events this year is the fabulous Bierkeller Business Expo and this is the prefect opportunity for both the Bierkeller and ourselves to apply all of the above!  To find out more about this event and how it can benefit your business, click here:  http://bit.ly/2j4mBJD
 If you would like to find out more about how Indaba can help you create the perfect event however big or small, please do not hesitate to contact us!